André Brock

André Brock (@docdre) is an Associate Professor in the School of Literature, Media & Communication at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Dr. Brock is one of the preeminent scholars of Black Cyberculture. His work bridges Science and Technology Studies and Critical Discourse Analysis, showing how the communicative affordances of online media align with those of Black communication practices. His scholarship includes published articles on racial representations in videogames, black women and weblogs, whiteness, blackness, and digital technoculture, as well as groundbreaking research on Black Twitter. 

Selected Publications:
  1. Brock, A. (2020). Distributed blackness: African American cybercultures. New York: New York University Press.
  2. Brock, A. (2015). Deeper data: A response to boyd and Crawford. Media, Culture, and Society, 37(7), 1084–1088.
  3. Brock, A. (2012). From the blackhand side: Twitter as a cultural conversation. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 56(4), 529-549.
  4. Brock, A. (2009). Life on the wire: Deconstructing race on the internet. Information, Communication & Society, 12(3), 344-363.