Bergis Jules

Bergis Jules (@bergisjules) is the University and Political Papers Archivist at the University of California, Riverside library, where he manages university archives, political papers, African American collections, and community archives projects. His previous work with community archives and African American collections include leading projects at the Black Metropolis Research Consortium at the University of Chicago, and designing and securing grant funding for the D.C. Africana Archives Project at George Washington University. Bergis helps lead the Inland Empire Memories consortium at the University of California, Riverside library, with the goal of uncovering and sharing the extremely diverse history of inland Southern California. In addition to his community archives work, Bergis is interested in the rich potential that social media and web archives hold for contributing to more diverse library research collections by helping to counter existing silences in our historical records, through inclusion of more voices from traditionally marginalized communities. He is one of the principal investigators on a 2015 funded project for social media archiving titled, Documenting the Now: Supporting Scholarly Use and Preservation of Social Media Content. The goal of the project is to build an open source and cloud ready tool, that will capture tweets and their associated metadata and digital content for long term preservation by archivists and analysis by researchers and others.

Selected Publications:
  1. Jules, B. (2016). Confronting our failure of care around marginalized people in the archives. Medium.
  2. Jules, B. (2016). DocNow as community. Medium.
  3. Jules, B. (2016). We’re all bona fide. Medium.
  4. Jules, B. (2015). Preserving social media records of activism. Medium.