Catherine Knight Steele

Catherine Knight Steele (@steelecat717) is an Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Maryland College Park and the Director of the Andrew W. Mellon funded initiative Synergies among Digital Humanities and African American History and Culture. Her area of research is race, gender and media with specific focus on African American online discourse. She examines and how traditionally marginalized populations resist oppression and utilize online technology to create spaces of community. Steele’s work has appeared such journals as Social Media + Society, Television and New Media, and The Howard Journal of Communication. Her forthcoming book explores digital black feminism and the use of online technology by black women to shape black feminist discourse.

Selected Publications:
  1. Steele, C. K. (2017). Black bloggers and their varied publics: The everyday politics of black discourse online. Television and New Media, 19(2), 112-127.
  2. Steele, C. K. (2016). The digital barbershop: Blogs and online oral culture within the African American community. Social Media and Society.
  3. Steele, C. K. (2016). Signifyin’, bitching and blogging: Black women and resistance discourse online. In S. U. Noble & B. M. & Tynes (Eds.), The intersectional internet: Race, sex, class, and culture online (pp. 73-93). New York: Peter Lang.