Charlton McIlwain

Charlton Mcilwain (@cmcilwain) is Vice Provost for Faculty Engagement & Development at New York University, Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication, and founder of the Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies. McIlwain’s current work focuses on three broad questions: to what degree can/has the internet and other forms of digital media use lead to increased political participation, voice and influence for people of color?; in what ways might internet use provide greater access to social, professional and economic mobility for people of color?; and in what tangible ways do forms of racial discrimination, disparate treatment and denial of opportunity take place in online environments?

Selected Publications:
  1. McIlwain, C. (2020). Silicon Valley’s cocaine problem shaped our racist tech. The Guardian.
  2. McIlwain, C. (2020). Before #BlackLivesMatter: The roots of black digital activism. Yes! Magazine.
  3. McIlwain, C. (2019). Black software: The internet & racial justice, from the Afronet to Black Lives Matter. New York: Oxford University Press.
  4. McIlwain, C. (2017). Racial formation, inequality and the political economy of web traffic. Information, Communication, and Society, 20(7).
  5. Freelon, D., McIlwain, C. D., & Clark, M. D. (2016). Beyond the hashtags: #Ferguson, #Blacklivesmatter, and the online struggle for offline justice. Center for Media & Social Impact.
  6. McIlwain, C. (2015). Racial discourse networks: Race blogs, media influence & the possibilities for collective action. SSRN.