Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin

Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin (@ChelsSalahuddin) is a doctoral candidate in Northwestern University’s Media, Technology and Society. Her research focuses on news content, specifically looking at editorial decision making in the context of new and emerging media contexts and forms. Specifically, her research interests include the influence of social media platforms, medium affordances, and identity on influencing how we define news and newsworthiness in our current news media landscape. Prior to beginning her graduate degree, Chelsea worked for five years at the CBS National News in New York, where she worked as an Associate Editorial Producer. Chelsea holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Political Science from Vassar College, and a Master of Arts from Northwestern University in Media, Technology and Society.

Selected Publications
  1. Christian, A. J., Day, F., Díaz, M., & Peterson-Salahuddin, C. (2020). Platforming intersectionality: Networked solidarity and the limits of corporate social media. Social Media + Society.
  2. Peterson-Salahuddin, C., & Diakopoulos, N. (2020). Negotiated autonomy: The role of social media algorithms in editorial decision making. Media and Communication, 8(3), 27-38.