Colin Wayne Leach

Colin Wayne Leach (B.A. 1989, M.A. 1991, Boston University; Ph.D. 1995, University of Michigan) is Professor of Psychology & Africana Studies at Barnard College, and at Columbia University he is Faculty Research Fellow at the Institute for Research in African American Studies and Graduate Faculty in Psychology in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Prof. Leach is a social and personality psychologist who studies status and morality in identity, emotion, and motivation.  He is also interested in protest & resistance; Prejudice, stereotypes, …isms; Meta-theory, methods, and statistics; and critical interdisciplinary approaches (e.g., Africana studies, social behavioral science). In addition to authoring nearly 100 journal articles and book chapters, Prof. Leach has co-edited the volumes Psychology as Politics (Political Psychology, 2001), Immigrant Life in the U.S. (Routledge, 2003), The Social Life of Emotions (Cambridge, 2004), and Societal Change (Journal of Social & Political Psychology, 2013)

Selected Publications:
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  2. Allen, A.E., & Leach, C.W. (2018). The psychology of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “creative maladjustment” at societal injustice. Journal of Social Issues, 74, 317-336.
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  6. Leach, C.W. (2016). The meta-theory of examining emotion in social relationships. Psychological Inquiry, 27, 113-116.
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