Farida Vis

Farida Vis (@flygirltwo) is a Professor of Digital Media at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her previous research examined ‘Big Data and Social Change’ with a focus on social media, data journalism and citizen engagement. Dr. Vis is currently working on ‘The Futures of the Visual Web’, in hopes of advancing some of these earlier concerns through a specific focus on visual aspects of the web and social media. She is also the director of the Visual Social Media Lab, which brings together a group of interdisciplinary researchers from academia and industry, interested in analyzing social media images. Dr. Vis focuses on issues around Algorithmic Visibility, investigating how platforms make images visible to users and why this visibility matters in relation to civic participation.

Selected Publications:
  1. Vis, F., Faulkner, S., Noble, S. U., & Guy, H. (2020). When Twitter got #woke: Black Lives Matter, DeRay McKesson, Twitter, and the appropriation of the aesthetics of protest. In A. McGarry, I. Erhart, H. Eslen-Ziya, O. Jenzen, & U. Korkut (Eds.), The aesthetics of global protest: Visual culture and communication (pp. 247-266). Amsterdam University Press.
  2. Vis, F., & Goriunova, O. (Eds.) (2015). The iconic image on social media: A rapid research response to the death of Aylan Kurdi. Visual Social Media Lab.
  3. Vis, F. (2013). Twitter as a reporting tool for breaking news. Digital Journalism, 1(1), 27-47
  4. Vis, F. (2013). A critical reflection on Big Data: Considering APIs, researchers and tools as data makers. First Monday, 18(10-7).