Jenny Korn

Jenny Korn (@jennykorn) is a scholar-activist of race, gender, identity, and media with academic training in communication, sociology, theatre, public policy, and gender studies from Princeton, Harvard, Northwestern, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Korn is a member of Mensa and recently won the Carl J. Couch Internet Research Award. Her work has been published in Contexts; Feminist Media Studies; Hashtag Publics; The Journal of Economics and Statistics; Television, Social Media, and Fan Culture; Harvard University’s Transition, and more. One of her recent studies, titled Black Nerds, Asian Activists, and Caucasian Dogs: Online Race-based Cultural Group Identities within Facebook Groups explores the modern representations of race on the Internet.

Selected Publications:
  1. Korn, J. U. (2019). The president was black, y’all: Presidential humor, neo-racism, and the social construction of blackness and whiteness. In H. E. Harris (Ed.), Neo-race realities in the Obama era (pp. 109-130). Albany, NY: SUNY Press.
  2. Korn, J. U. (2018). Equitable cities instead of smart cities: Race and racism within the race for smart cities. Journal of Civic Media, 1(1). 34-45.
  3. Korn, J. U. (2017). Expecting penises in Chatroulette: Race, gender, and sexuality in anonymous online spaces. Popular Communication, 15(2), 95-109.
  4. Williams, M. G., & Korn, J. (2017). Othering and fear: cultural values and Hiro’s race in Thomas & Friends’ Hero of the Rails. Journal of Communication Inquiry, 41(1), 22–41.
  5. Korn, J. (2015). Digital revelations from “I Can’t Breathe”. Transition 117, 10-11.
  6. Korn, J. U. (2015). Black nerds, Asian activists, and Caucasian dogs: Online race-based cultural group identities within Facebook groups. International Journal of Interactive Communication Systems and Technologies, 5,(1): 14-25.
  7. Korn, J. U., & Kneese, T. (2015). Guest Editors’ Introduction: Feminist Approaches to Social Media Research: History, Activism, and Values. Feminist Media Studies, 15(4), 707-710.