Marcel Rosa-Salas

Marcel Rosa-Salas is a cultural anthropologist and documentary filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY. She is an assistant professor in marketing at the University of Illinois, Chicago, where she researches the business of racially targeted advertising in the U.S.  Marcel is co-host of the Top Rank Podcast with Isabel Flower, and co-editor of the forthcoming book Documenting the Nameplate.

Selected Publications:
  1. Rosa-Salas, M., & Flower, I. (2020). ‘Worth more than just its weight in gold’: Nameplate jewellery and the practice of oppositional respectability. Journal of Marketing Management.
  2. Flower, I., & Rosa-Salas, M. (2017). Say my name: Nameplate jewelry and the politics of taste. QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking, 4(3), 109-126. 
  3. Rosa-Salas, M. (2017). The limits of equality branding. In Media Res.