The Center for Critical Race & Digital Studies is affiliated with NYU’s Institute of Human Development & Social Change

The Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies produces cutting edge research that illuminates the ways that race, ethnicity and identity shape and are shaped by digital technologies. Research by CR+DS focuses particularly (but not exclusively) on seven key project areas:

  • Digital/Social Media Literacy and Practice & Youth Development & Well-Being;
  • Digital Surveillance and Policing Practices;
  • Digital Activism and Youth Civic Engagement
  • Digital journalism, propaganda and democracy;
  • Racial Targeting and Inequality in Digital Advertising and Marketing Practice;
  • Big Data, Behavioral Analytics, & Artificial Intelligence in the context of Education, Employment, Public Health, Elections and Public Policy;
  • Digital Cultural Production (historical and contemporary), Distribution, Collection, Archiving, and Preservation by, for, and Among Communications of Color

The Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies educates, engages and consults with current and future digital technology designers, developers, data scientists, content producers and researchers working in industry, government and academia about issues such as: race and culturally conscious design, data collection and use, and technology transfer and implementation practices in and with respect to underrepresented communities.

Our educational mission also targets teachers, public officials and policy makers, journalists, activists and others who communicate with the public about these issues. We aim to bring humanistic values, perspectives and practices to bear on technology design and development that impact communities of color and the narratives we tell about the historical relationship between computing technology and communities of color.

The Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies develops and mentors new generations of scholars and practitioners of color working in technology related fields by providing networking, professional development, mentoring and project engagement opportunities.